Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Budweiser American Ale

So BMC wants to play "Craft Brew"? 

I've been seeing the commercial spots during the football games, and actively looking for the stuff for weeks. Being an avid follower of the American craft beer revolution, I was more than curious what the big guns could bring to the table!

First off, they are REALLY trying to sell this as "THE AMERICAN ALE". Like they invented the concept, never mind Sierra Nevada has been doing this for years (and in a much better way IMO). Also to note there is a lot of "American" in every sentence on the bottle. Which I could understand, trying to play the local pride thing.

So enough bickering. How does this stuff actually taste? 

Other than the metallic aftertaste, honestly pretty good. I mean it's no hop bomb, the malty profile isn't going to give a British bitter a run. It's generally very mild in all flavors in a way that only a huge commercial brewery would do. I mean it tries to be hoppy, and it tries to be malty, but it doesn't try ether one enough to upset your average American beer drinker or leave the hard core feeling left out. I would say what it really tries to do is appeal to the masses.

I can see that. To the average Budweiser drinker I could only imagine this might be fairly exotic. A beer that actually has taste!! Compared to the average BMC that strives so hard to taste mostly like... well nothing. Which has it's place, any given week I've been known to enjoy my fair share of Miller High Life (My BMC of choice!) and I can imagine this would make it into my rotation from time to time.

In that regard I'd say it does a good job at becoming a gateway beer to real ales. It's about what you would expect from Bud. A balanced ale that makes no intention to offend ether side.

The Zythophile nor the Joe 6-Pack.

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